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5 Signs You Need to Hire a Tree Removal Company in Commack

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Trees are a wonderful feature on any property. They provide cooling shade, fill a landscape with vibrant color, welcome lively wildlife, and some species even provide privacy. But not all trees are beneficial; especially when they’re damaged, diseased, or decaying. As much as it might pain you to do it, you may need to have those majestic structures taken down.

Sadly, like all things, trees don’t last forever. If you’ve noticed any of the followings signs, it’s time to call a professional tree removal company.


It’s normal for trees to have a little lean to them, but too much lean can be dangerous. As a general rule of thumb, when a tree is leaning 15 degrees or more, it should come down. That much leaning can be a sign that the roots are starting to weaken or snap. When that happens, all it takes is one heavy rainstorm or a strong gust of wind to knock the tree down onto a house, a vehicle, power lines, or even a passerby.

Lost Branches

Trees do lose branches, and usually, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong; a windstorm may have knocked a few branches loose, for example. However, if the ground beneath a tree is covered in a lot of branches, it could be a sign of trouble; especially if there hasn’t been any strong winds and other trees in the area aren’t having the same problem. A lot of lost branches could mean that the tree is dying or that it’s already dead.

Patchy Bark

If a tree is missing patches of bark, something is definitely wrong. Often, missing bark is a sign that a tree has either become infected with a disease or infested with pests; both of which can spread fast and damage nearby trees, bushes, shrubs, and any other type of foliage. If you notice patchy bark on any of your trees, you need to act quickly, otherwise, you could be putting your entire landscape in danger.

Absence of Greenery

Deciduous trees (flowering trees) lose their leaves every fall and in the spring, they come back to life. Evergreens, as the name implies, stay green all year long. If any of your trees are lacking greenery when they should be full of color, you might need to contact a tree removal company. Why? – Because the absence of leaves or needles is a surefire sign that the tree is dead, and dead trees can be a serious danger.

Root Troubles

Tree roots are complex systems that can spread across great distances. While they support the tree, they can also cause serious trouble if they grow into your foundation, cesspool, driveway, or other structures. If roots are growing near your home, close to your driveway, walkway, patio, or any other part of your property that they could damage, you might want to consider having the accompanying tree taken down.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs – or any other issues have come up with your trees – tree removal might be necessary. Though you may not want to lose the structure, decaying, dead, diseased, or otherwise damaged trees can be a serious hazard. Don’t run the risk of damaging your home or nearby structures – or worse, injuring someone; contact a professional tree removal company.

Complete Tree Service for Long Island Homeowners

If you think you need to have a tree removed, contact Green Light Tree Service, one of the most reputable tree service companies on Long Island. Their team of professionals will assess the tree in question to determine if it does, in fact, need to come down. If so, they’ll execute a fast, safe, and complete removal – stump and all.

To schedule an appointment for tree removal or to learn more about the other services they offer, including pruning, planting, and transplanting, yard restoration, 24-hour emergency services – and more –dial 631.923.3033. One of their friendly and knowledgeable associates will be happy to go out on a limb for you.