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The Top Benefits of Professional Tree Stump Removal

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Has a tree toppled over in your yard? Have you recently taken down a damaged or unwanted tree on your own? Has there been a stump in your yard since you moved into your house? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you really need to consider contacting an arborist to have that stump removed. Here’s a look at the top benefits of professional tree stump removal.

Improve the Beauty of Your Yard

You’ve worked hard to maintain your home’s landscape. The flower beds are bursting with colorful blooms and the grass is lush emerald green. But despite how picturesque the scenery is, there’s one thing that’s sticking out like a sore thumb and detracting from the beauty: an unsightly tree stump.

No matter how gorgeous your landscape is, if there’s a random stump protruding from the lawn or a flower bed – no matter how small it is – there’s no doubt that it’s going to take away from the curb appeal. Having that stump removed can significantly improve the beauty of your yard.

Avoid Unwanted Growth

Believe it or not, tree stumps can sprout new growth. Shoots can spring on top of the stump or around it, leading to a collection of trees. These small trees can be unsightly, and even worse, they can damage the landscape. As the new shoots grow, they can absorb nutrients and water from the soil, thereby preventing other trees, shrubs, and flowers that you do want from reaching their full potential. Unless you don’t mind having a random scattering of small trees popping up from the stump, you should definitely consider removing it.

Keep Pests at Bay

A tree stump is a welcomed invitation to all types of pests. Wood-boring insects, like termites, carpenter ants, and all sorts of beetles can take up shelter in the decaying wood of a stump and build enormous compounds. As they multiply, these pests can spread out beyond the stump and may eventually spread into your home. Wood-boring pests are more than just a nuisance; they can carry disease and cause significant damage to your entire property. Pull out that stump and keep those pests at bay.

Prevent Mold Growth

Decaying wood is the perfect environment for fungi growth; especially if that decaying wood is in a dark, damp location. It’s not uncommon to see mushrooms and lichen growing on tree stumps; mold can also grow on them, too. Mold grows quickly and the spores can spread throughout the air – even into your home – and can potentially cause serious respiratory issues. Want to avoid mold? Then you definitely want to get rid of any tree stumps that are lurking in your yard.

Improved Safety

Tree stumps can be a serious hazard. If you’re mowing the lawn and accidentally roll over a low-lying stump that’s hiding beneath the grass, your mower will likely suffer some serious damage; but more importantly, you can sustain serious injuries. Chunks of wood can ricochet off the blade and land in your leg, eye, or any other body part. Anyone can trip over the stump while they’re walking through your yard and suffer an injury. If someone a visitor trips over the stump, he or she could take legal action and you may be held liable for any damages. Avoid these safety risks and ensure peace of mind by making arrangements to have the stump removed.

DIY or Professional Stump Removal?

Given all of these benefits, you’re (hopefully) planning on having any stumps in your yard removed. Before you grab the shovel yourself and start digging, you should seriously consider calling in a professional. Stump removal can be highly complex. There’s a vast serious of roots growing underneath that need to be contended with; not to mention the fact that it can be physically taxing.

A professional will have the knowledge and skill to properly and safely remove those pesky tree stumps. They’ll also have the necessary equipment available. If you want to make sure the job is done right, forego the DIY approach and call in a professional instead.

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